Blog7 Vaastu tips for your child’s study area

August 12, 2022

Are you a parent with complains that you feel like you have tried everything but you are unable to get your child to focus while studying at home? Try these quick Vastu based changes to their study room because Vaastu has a significant impact on your child’s mood and boost their abilities to focus.


Vaastu shastra, often misconceived to be a superstition or myth, is actually an ancient science used extensively to design palaces, public spaces and even places of worship. Vaastu is the science of harnessing the energies of nature’s elements i.e earth, water, fire, air and sky to design a space that boosts health, wealth and prosperity. It aims at making the living or working atmosphere calm and positive. Here are few vastu tips that you can easily achieve for your child’s study room

  1. One of the foremost things to consider is the direction your child’ study desk is facing. Direction has a great impact on a child’s focus and grasping power. Each direction has a significance according to Vaastu science :
  • West is known as the direction of Sky and denotes expansions or enhancements;
  • East and Northeast are known as direction of Vayu (Wind) and denote joy ;
  • South is known as direction of Fire (Agni) and denotes power and fame;
  • North is known as direction of Water and denotes spirituality & healing; and Earth
  • Centre stands for Earth and denotes stability, peace & harmony.

Ensure your child is facing North or East while studying. This is ensure they invite a positive mindset and minimize stress.

  1. Create a soft and subtle atmosphere in your child’s study room. This can be easily achieved by using calm wall colours such as light yellow, sky blue, grey, white etc. Avoid vibrant colours like red as this may cause stress and irritable moods thereby deterring their focus.
  2. Desk should not be under a beam of iron because beams are known to cause stress in areas underneath. Therefore, if your child’s study area is under a beam it may cause headaches and irritable moods when studying and so they may get easily distracted.
  3. Ensure their study table has an open area in front of them. If that’s not possible, atleast ensure the table is along a wall with a couple inches space from the wall. This is to ensure the bad or stale energies don’t stagnate around your child while studying.
  4. Clear quartz can be kept on the table to enhance the child’s concentration.
  5. Keep east and north walls light while south and west walls can have cupboard or storage cabinets for books. Do not stack books on the study table; instead keep them in a closed cabinet.
  6. Avoid using mirrors in the room. Mirrors are known to reflect and multiply negative energies such as tension, anxiety, fear etc.